How’s a Defense Attorney Going to Help Me?

If you are facing a criminal charge or believe you may be a suspect in a crime, you need a criminal defense attorney. However, potential clients usually have concerns about hiring a lawyer to handle their cases. The following are common questions prospective clients may ask and the answers to their concerns. 

What can a defense attorney do for me since I know I’m guilty?  

Just because you know you are guilty does not mean you are out of options.  

First, a lot of courts and prosecutors are offering diversion programs for first-time offenders or military veterans. That means your case could ultimately be resolved without any type of court record.  

Second, the police and prosecutor may not be able to prove you are guilty. A board-certified criminal defense attorney may be able to identify issues with the traffic stop, the search of the suspect, the police interrogation, or the arrest. Those issues could result in the case being dismissed or the defendant receiving a better plea offer.  

Third, there is a reason the courts refer to the process as plea negotiations. There is usually some wiggle room in a plea offer made by the prosecutor, but you must know what to ask for and what the limits will be. Just like a realtor knows the value of homes in a market and which homes are going to be up for sale soon, a defense attorney knows what the going rate for a particular case will be and what the judge will allow as part of a plea bargain. 

I cannot afford a criminal attorney. 

The Fredericks Firm will work on a payment plan and accept credit cards in most cases. Paying your attorney is an investment for your future as well.  

In the short term, your attorney may be able to save you money on court fees, fines, restitution, probation fees, and costs of probation classes. In the long term, an attorney can enhance your earning power and salary by limiting the impact of a charge on your criminal history or negotiating a plea deal that will allow you to seek an expunction of your arrest in the future. 

I’ll probably get the same thing as my buddy. 

Every case is fact-specific. Although the prosecutor may have a standard plea bargain offer for a specific charge, there is nothing requiring you to accept the standard offer.  

How do you know your buddy even got a fair deal under the circumstances? One of the main negotiating points on a criminal case is over the length of probation.  

An attorney might be able to reduce the length of your probation by 20% to 50% of the length of your friend’s probation. That could save you two or three years of probation on a serious felony and three to six months on a misdemeanor. 

I can figure out my questions on the internet. 

The internet is an amazing place where there are answers to almost any question you might have. However, the law is state-specific.  

In other words, Texas may deal with a similar crime or issue completely different than Oklahoma or New Mexico. Even more than state law, local counties have specific rules as it applies to bond conditions, probation, and even court appearances.  

An experienced criminal attorney at the Fredericks Firm can help you navigate your bond conditions, get the conditions modified, move your court date, or negotiate a plea bargain to a lower-level crime. 

I have been through this before and my last attorney didn’t do anything. 

Not all attorneys are created equal. When you are facing a criminal charge, you need an attorney who knows the law and has experience in the courtroom.  

Hiring an attorney you trust is the most important decision you will make as you deal with a criminal charge. You have to rely on your attorney’s advice and trust that the attorney knows the law. Just as important, you need to know that your attorney has actually been in trial on issues like your own case and can give you advice on historical outcomes or potential pitfalls.  

A reliable and experienced criminal attorney is your best asset when you are facing a potential criminal conviction. The Fredericks Firm will guide you through the entire process from bond through trial and even expunction. When you hire the Fredericks Firm, you will have an advocate on your side, and you will know there is someone in your corner fighting for you. 

If you have been arrested in McKinney, call the Fredericks Firm at (972) 474-8575 or fill out our online contact form today to schedule a free consultation. We are also serving clients in Collin County, Plano, and Frisco! 

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