JUST BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T PLAN ON GETTING ARRESTED, doesn't mean you can't plan your defense


Sometimes even innocent people are accused of a crime. When that happens, you deserve to have your arrest records erased and your criminal history removed from State and County records. Chris Fredericks knows that an arrest, even if the case was dismissed, could still be showing up on your criminal history. Every time you apply for a new job or apply for college or a professional license, an old arrest or class C citation may be hindering you. Chris Fredericks can help you finally erase that arrest from your record. Texas laws on expunctions can be complicated, and you need to hire an attorney with the experience and knowledge to get the records erased permanently. You may have the right to have your criminal records expunged if your case ended in a not guilty verdict or the case was dismissed or never filed. Texas also allows individuals placed on deferred adjudication for Class C offenses to seek an expunction of their criminal records as well. You do not need to keep worrying about a decade old arrest of your background search, schedule an appointment with Chris Fredericks to start the process right now.

There are even special expunction rules for minors convicted of certain alcohol or tobacco related crimes. Chris Fredericks will navigate you through the legal requirements necessary to erase even class C convictions.

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Case Results

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